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Eat organic or nothing

NOTA: as you now, the “social” network Google+ is closed. So I transfered all the post about organic restaurants in the Facebook Page or Orgaiam (english version), adding them at the same previous date.
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Spring 2019, I’m back

Hi everbody,

Time is flying like Flash Gordon, and here we are, already in 2019! Nearly two decades of the XXIe century.

And what? Biodiversity is disappearing, oceans are full of plastics, air is suffocated, soils are so polluted that we must filter the water. And I wonder if I can breath safely (of course not).

The “big collapse” is annoucing by the GIEC for ages. But nothing. Institutions or governments are blind and deaf, so they can not take big decisions about the situation.

They do not want because Continue reading Eat organic or nothing