Hello. I eat organic food for about twenty years . . .
I remember how it was difficult, in 1992, to find a restaurant in Paris which would propose organic food! When I was younger, there was fortunately a macrobiotic restaurant close to my dad’s place.

But if more and more stores have opened during the past decade, it’s still quite difficult to find a real good restaurant, anywhere you are, being sure about the traceability of the products and the ingredients.

The first time that I talked about the idea to list organic restaurants was in february 2007.

Actually, I still wonder why people who prefer healthy meals have so few choices among restaurants. When we wanna go out with friends, it often turns to a challenge! Even having a good time in a coffee shop, the ‘organic’ customer is still watched as an Alien, while it should be the contrary . . .

With the concept of Orgaiam, I also try to change things.
Enjoy the map, enjoy organic meals, enjoy your life by preserving planet’s health as well as yours!

Anne E. Ropion

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