Eat organic or nothing

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Spring 2019, I’m back

Hi everbody,

Time is flying like Flash Gordon, and here we are, already in 2019! Nearly two decades of the XXIe century.

And what? Biodiversity is disappearing, oceans are full of plastics, air is suffocated, soils are so polluted that we must filter the water. And I wonder if I can breath safely (of course not).

The “big collapse” is annoucing by the GIEC for ages. But nothing. Institutions or governments are blind and deaf, so they can not take big decisions about the situation.

They do not want because they are still prisonners of the system, in a form of deny, formated to think to an only one purpose, only one goal: growth!
Whatever the consequences for us and for environment.

I could have titled this post “Eat organic or die” . . .

Fortunatly, everywhere worldwide, citizens, on their own or in associations, do and move things as far as they can.

More and more organic projects are created. Among them, little farms, permaculture methodes, ecovillages, little markets with local fruits and vegetables.

Organic farms, the pride of agriculture, should not be called “organic” by the way. Because they are the original: agriculture, peasant, that is all.

What we call “agriculture” (farming) today is the conventional one, I mean those which using awful chemicals (pleonasmus).

Then, instead of saying
“Farming (intensive one) VS “Organic farming”
it should be:
“Farming” (natural one) VS “intensive farming”

Anyway, the road is still long. But courageous and clever people offer good meals with good food thanks to new organic places (restaurants or stores) which open each day.

2500 restaurants on the map!

Keep in touch. Good appetite and good health.

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