Orgaiam [organic I am] is a website listing worldwide restaurants and other places cooking meals with real organic food.

I created this map after having noticed that it is still quite hard to find an organic restaurant when you arrive in a place you don’t know, particulaly for people who feed themselves exclusively on organic products.
Feel free to open this map and enter the name of your city or the name of the street you are in, in order to find the nearest restaurant or any organic places.

It is also a map of organic producers, farms (including wwoof), stores and markets. People who prefer sound foods (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, organic, etc.) will find addresses close to them, especially if they are traveling.

  • Light green circle: restaurants
  • Purple circle: shops
  • Dark green circle: farms (sometime you can see their speciality)
  • Blue circle: networks and other organisms

There are quite a lot of addresses of organic food restaurants (in links forms or index cards) in different websites or blogs, but they often concern only some big cities.
Besides, I noticed that many sites proposing “guides” were not updated and did not really verify the legitimacy of such places. Certain restaurants were even obsolete, not necessarily 100% organic, or had downright closed …
Furthermore, these directories sometimes charge you for information, for example the phone number of the restaurant!

Orgaiam is not a guide or another directory; it is just a map, created for organic eaters. I do a market watch quiet each day in order to update the best information.
You are very welcome to help fill out this map.

Thank you. Bon appétit !
Best wishes.

 Organic Anne