Partner of LavkaLavka project

I have the pleasure to announce a partnership with the great organic farmers cooperative LavkaLavka (same name that their famous organic restaurant in Moscow).

Their idea to create a cryptocurrency supporting green economy is heartening. I’m so glad that this map, created with patience, can find its usefulness today. It’s a sort of reward for my tenacity in a way. I’m proud to be in the team to relieve their international project.

The Story

In the mid-august, the time accelerated suddenly!  As I was wondering what could we do in this new world––observing for exemple the cryptocurrencies binge and blockchain technology–– that would be more useful for our planet, our health, well, our future. You know how I am green . . .

Then I was dreaming by a hot sunday, on seaside, looking at my cryptowallets and I realized that if most of these altcoins propose smart contracts behind, throught a blockchain technology, the fact is that it doesn’t concern green projects.
Actually, the world is connected with billions of data managed in data centers (not all are green yet), and our technologies are greedy in energy.

At the same time, we have to face a significant climate change in the history of humanity. The time is no more to ask why the past decades have polluated or destroyed our soils (GMO are so has been). The time is to be responsive, at last.

LavkaLavka’s project, with its leader Boris Akimov, was born from the adversity, with a real state of mind for organic and sustainable life.
When I realized that they were about to launch an ICO in september, to propose biocoins (BIO) purchase––a sort of bitcoin but for a green and better future (supporting organic and locally farmers)––, my reaction was immediate and lightning!

Then I wrote this straight away: Eco-crypto, they did it!

So we contact each other and the tremendous adventure is on its way. Hope it is for the best.
An article of the Financial Time to understand the basis behind such a phenomenon.

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1 thought on “Partner of LavkaLavka project

  1. Hi.
    Today, I regret to say that unfortunatly, this project seems in stand-by for differents reasons. it is not clear. And I have no news about it and about the team. It is a pity. But I suppose that is life. I do not regret all the full time I’ve spent as it brought me reflexion, writing articles about green spirit in general that can be reused.

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