BioCoin on sustainable road

As you maybe know, I joined BioCoin’s team earlier in august 2017 because I totally fall in love with the project. Since, the ICO (initial coin offering) which ran between Nov 1st and Feb 18th has been a success. The project raised 16 million dollars!

It shows the interest for this ethics idea. “GoGreen” is a slogan that more and more people use, as they observe that our life is quite in danger with a environment that we didn’t preserve properly during decades. Now the climate change is in front of us, as well as the fact that biodiversity, including soils quality, need a revival.

Producing small, local, natural food and ecoproducts is not any more an alternative but a real necessity. And this goal – with responsible actors – needs some boosters. BioCoin’s token and loyalty program based on a blockchain is a tool which has been created to support that goal. 2018 will be green for the benefit of everyone and of the earth!

image: © biocoin

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